MIRAMIRA's original ZipMe system was created to give each customer many transformational and adaptable products.

Customers can design their own look, with just a few items. Most of the products are multifunctional, being either unisex, interchangeable or expandable.

A womens jacket, for example, can be worn in 6 different ways and if you buy two jackets in different colours or fabrics, then your styling possibilities quadruple. This makes our products very travel friendly allowing you to pack light but still have hundreds of looks. 

We have vintage redesign pieces that are upcycled and fit with the rest of the collection. Every new collection is compatible with the previous ones. With MIRAMIRA you can build and multiply your closet piece by piece according to your budget. 

MIRAMIRA is a no-season brand that believes in quality and sustainability

With MIRAMIRA the customer becomes the designer.


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We thank our main business partners for their collaborations, kindly visit their website to find out more about them.



Shipping Policy

We ship worldwide, with set prices. We do not pay local toll or tax. shipping time depends on the product, if it is in stock or has to be made, size, special orders, and where it is shipped to. It can vary between 1 week and up to 3 months, but we do our best to get it out as fast as possible and we give updates.

Product Care

Dryclean or freeze clean only! Leather products should be protected with leather care, impregnation or waterproofing. If crochet clothes catch a snag, gently pull it through to the inside of the garmet and burn slightly and fast with a lighter. This will prevent further unravelling. Dont burn too long because it will change the color of the yarn.

Return Policy

There are no returns or refunds as we have a lot of limited editions, few products in stock and pre order production. We sometimes make products after they are paid for, according to your wishes, colors, sizes, and the materials we have available.  

Wholesale Inquiries

We definately have some wholesale possibilities. It depends on the product. Contact us for a dialog.

We are also open to collaborating with or designing for other brands and retailers.

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